What is E-learning?


With the development of modern technologies related to the development of all areas of activity around us. Innovations in the field of IT technology finds application in education too. E-learning is very progressive and innovative teaching techniques, which are in the Czech Republic is developing rapidly. In terms of participation in lifelong learning and the use of the Internet, they are with us very good conditions for the use and expansion of E-learning as such.

People were accustomed for centuries to teach or be taught “classic way”. Ie., The students attended a school where they taught teachers lectured substance, wrote to them to carry out tests or exams, etc. E-learning is trying to allow teaching and those who for some reason can not attend classes in person, but have access to Internet and are able and willing to attend the lessons online.

Separate E-courses are taught through a computer connected to the Internet. Ie., That instead of printed textbooks and materials to display the E-courses in electronic form. The tests also do not write on paper and deliver the trainer, but logging into the system, will undergo a test that you can be directly evaluated by computer, without having to bother with his trainer mended. Similar advantages, there is of course more.

The professional part of the education specialist prepares our society – lecturer. Processing of E-education program in cooperation with other professionals of our company who deal with the creation of a single rate scenarios. For the formation of E-education program will be required to work writers, coders and designers to create the final form of the program.

Educational programs will be supplemented by knowledge tests at the end of the course. To ensure access to the users must be connected to the licensing programs Learning Management System (LMS). Access for users and provide hot line support for course participants. During the implementation of E-courses, participants will be provided with service support opportunities for consultation to support their participation in the education system, etc.

The portal can be used not only for the realization of individual courses, as well as a comprehensive tool for internal business communications, such as publishing guidelines and other internal documents and training or testing of employees.

We break down the ingrained idea of E-learning as a few scripts in electronic form, and we want to show the real possibilities of its application and benefits of the practice.



Time independence of Study

Access to E-learning portal can be accessed online 24 hours a day, whenever the user has access to courses and other personal files.

Individual study pace

Users can study materials devote much time they have available. Speed of study tailored to their abilities. Courses can also be repeated.

Reducing costs

This is essentially a reduction of indirect costs for transport, traffic classrooms, print materials, etc. It also saves opportunity costs.

Use of multimedia and interaction

E-learning is made interesting and fun way using the multimedia content such as video, audio and interactive models.














Online counseling

E-learning also offers online counseling, through a discussion forum. Thus, if a user wits, help him directly trainer or other course participants.

Testing the acquired knowledge

Users E-learning are regularly tested and have the opportunity at any time to verify the acquired knowledge through tests.


After successfully completing the course will receive a certificate users

Branching E-courses according to the knowledge of participants

Rate formed tailored exactly to the user knowledge. The user will choose the difficulty of study and ensure the development of their knowledge

větvení kurzu


The initial distrust of the environment

In the first phase often encounter skepticism about the environment, E-learning, but when the education system and information sharing will teach users to work only positives outweigh the benefit and satisfaction.

Absence of contact with a teacher

Missing physical contact with the teacher of the course, but this is not only one-way communication, because the teacher can chat, listen to his explanation and share information

Depending on the hardware and internet connection

When E-learning you need a computer and an Internet connection. Without access to the system can not log on.


We offer three different modules of E-LEARNING:

1.    Tailored E-courses

2.    Client section

3.    Own E-learning portal