The HR department of each company is responsible for the preparation and implementation of effective tools for working with people. The task of recruiters is not only the correct selection of people for key positions, but also building a corporate culture and internal communications

Work effectively with their people

Occupy key places right staff. How to choose a key position as the best man, as it is in the company adapt?

Solve the problem of low employee motivation, which is manifested by high turnover, low involvement, low proactivity and performance.

Set the remuneration system supporting performance and motivation. The philosophy of rewarding employees and setting the optimum level of salaries and variable bonuses.

Retain key employees and important to build a stable core employee.

Build corporate culture by setting key values and standards of behavior, strengthen employee loyalty, increase their involvement and identification with the company.

Promote positive personal relationships between workers. Methods for creating and maintaining team spirit.

Set up an effective system of benefits. Possibilities of non-monetary remuneration of employees and Cafeteria system.

How to proceed with layoffs? How to reduce the impact on employees and leaving your company?