PROFIMA EFFECTIVE is an educational and consulting company. Since its establishment in 1997 it has provided its clients with quality tailored products.

We are fully aware of the crucial importance of human resources in an organization, as the human factor is a fundamental element of successful business. Therefore, our motto is to develop your potential with the result of having well motivated and qualified employees and managers.

The usual and traditional concept of training and consulting is not our way. We aspire to become your partner in specific needs and goals of your company in order to provide you with practical and useful solution.


In order to offer our clients only the best professional services, PROFIMA EFFECTIVE specializes in these fields:

Training courses and educational programs

Tailored practical solutions

Management of grant projects

Personnel audits, personnel counseling

Personnel agency services

Public service educational programs

Social service educational programs



PROFIMA EFFECTIVE – education & consulting

All of our educational, training and counseling programs are developed to match the latest findings and trends in the field. We focus on the top quality of our services and our client’s highest benefit.

PROFIMA EFFECTIVE is certified according to ISO 9001. Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs, Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports and Ministry of the Interior of the Czech Republic have accredited its courses. These certificates are not only guarantees of quality of our work.

The company is also a member of People Management Forum, the Association of Adult Education Institutions in the Czech Republic and the Association of Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises and Crafts of the Czech Republic.


Our specialization

· Production · HR management · Logistics · Quality management  · Sales management · Process improvement · Personnel management · Company culture · Social issues ·


We have years of experience in the field of education and counseling

We are partners for your entrepreneurship

Among our clients there are both domestic and foreign or international companies

We ask you about your goals and look for the ways to help you to achieve them

We consider your individual needs and specifics

Our team consists of highly educated and professional counselors, lectors and experts with years of experience

The services we provide are strictly professional, quality and expert

We accept challenges


Principles of our work

We focus on the points that are essential for your future growth

We ask you about your goals and aims, about your strengths and whether you are ready for the change you expect

We assist you when planning the change and we help you to pursue your goals

We provide you with long-term tailored projects, seminars or workshops concentrating on your actual needs

We make the opportunities to become real business, turning the threats into challenges and opportunities