pkt-obchod a marketing


Sales plays an important role in every society. Produce high quality and unique products, it is not enough. It should be able to sell the products and develop positive long-term relationships with customers.

Together expand your business opportunities

Increase efficiency of sales methods and techniques through streamlined approach to negotiations with clients, learn how to create proper and effective presentation.

Discover unprofessional traders, for example, using the method of Mystery Shopping and eliminate the development of sales techniques, effective communication and presentation.

Know your business partners. Psychology is essential for success in business is very important. Learn to recognize the typology of people and choose a suitable approach to trade negotiations.

Looking for sales abroad? We will help you know the basic techniques of foreign trade, credit risk, understand the logistics of international trade and the principles of international marketing.



Each company to successfully expand, must have thought out marketing and communication strategy. Doing good marketing but not unnecessarily spend large amounts of money on advertising. Even small steps can sometimes produce significant results.

We will teach you to think like marketers

Master the methods and processes of marketing planning and implementation of marketing tools. Think like marketers.

Meet the needs of their customers, keep existing customers and gain new ones. Keep pace with market developments and changes in customer preferences, we can utilize new trends in their favor.

Learn how to effectively reach out to their existing and potential customers. Can communicate with customers, business partners and the public.

Take advantage of tools that allow you to promote your company and products without unnecessary marketing costs. Cheap and effective marketing is not just a utopia.

Do not be afraid to take full advantage of new communication channels that offer effective reach potential customers at very low costs.