Our company has personnel services long experience and proven results. We help our customers to promote new projects and solutions in the field of human resources. The requirements of the clients individually, with a flexible approach and in accordance with their needs. All this with an emphasis on high-quality services. We specialize in filling management positions.

We focus on:

• Tenders

• Comprehensive psychological diangostiku

• Assessment and Development Centre

• Other services in the area of personnel


1) Tenders

The selection process, its quality and the methods used are crucial for the workers who will be available for the organization. The choice is attracting workers together with key phase in the formation of the workforce in the company.

The more difficult and more important for the organization of work shall be filled, the more increasing role of HR professionals, managers and consultants in the assessment and selection of candidates.

Benefits of working with external experts are obvious:

A higher degree of objectivity, nezatíženost selection wishes of speed to quality backed by extensive experience, the possibility of psychologists and HR specialists the opportunity to learn more about the candidates … and many more arguments.


2) Comprehensive psychological diagnosis

Modern and very high-ranking selection method and the development and training of managers. Its aim is to form individual testing to diagnose personality traits and career development prospects in the company.

The benefits of psychological diagnosis:

Reducing the risk of selecting an unsuitable employee, obtain a more objective view of the employees, identify strengths and weaknesses, and information about the direction of further development of personality.


3) Method of Assessment Center and Development Center

This method of selection and evaluation has been successfully used not only to work with applicants for a job in the company, but also to assess the skills of existing employees, at any positions. The results of this method can also be used in the rotation of staff or in the process of creating new teams.

ASSESSMENT CENTER is a method that is used primarily for selecting future employees from a larger number of applicants. Candidates are judged on a larger number of assessors according to given criteria. Assessment Centre is considered one of the most effective tools for evaluating and comparing personal and professional qualities of the participants.

DEVELOPMENT CENTRE is a method that assesses the potential development of existing employees of the company (analysis of potential employees selected, determine their current level of knowledge, skills and abilities).

The benefits of these methods:

Good employees, elimination of internal risks, knowledge of specific development needs, efficient spending on education, staff stabilization, removal of the “halo effect” objectification of personal preference, inducing conditions for future effective communication with the team and individuals, recommendations / participant-recommendation for adoption job.


4) Other services in the area of personnel

Personnel audit

Creating motivation and career of workers

Consultancy in the field of human resources management

Consultancy in the field of information systems for payroll and personnel management support

Consultancy in the field of HR and payroll legislation

Personal advice

Consulting external recruiters