The consulting business we work with professional instructors and expertly trained supervisors. For each client we select the most appropriate consultant or supervisor according to specific requirements.



The main objective of supervision is to increase the quality and professionalism in customer care. A partial goal is to develop as a professional, reflection work with a client, employee personality development and organizational development as a whole.


• Individual Supervision – Supervisor consult with one worker who can feel safe enough to allow it to talk about professional matters that are difficult to open up in front of more people. At the same time individual supervision excellently used for concentrated work in any particular case.


• Team Supervision – Supervision of work with a team of collaborators from one organization that focuses on improving the activities and functioning of the entire team or the entire organization.


• Case Supervision – Supervision focuses on a specific case for the client. The goal in this case is the development of skills of reflection and self own work in order to improve client care. Compared with the methodological guidance focuses more on the personality of the worker, not the “technical” solution to the client’s problem.


• managerial supervision – Supervisor assists the manager / managers to understand the style of leadership, methods of evaluation of subordinates, making changes in the organization, etc. Supervision is a professional way of reflection of managerial work. This is one form of support for professional growth, focusing on the development of competencies and overall quality improvement of managerial work.


• group supervision – Supervisor works with a group of professionals who are involved in similar activities and may (but need not) be in the same workplace. The aim is to develop individuals with the use of a group, so when working on topics the participants used a support group, the experiences of other members, ideas and reflections from members of groups like.



It can be a support in the implementation of one or more standard quality, support and includes in particular the consultation on the implementation of the individual criteria. The consultation may include joint revision or processing facility’s internal rules, debate over contentious issues related to facilities management, etc..

• individual consultations to quality standards – consultation aims to provide employees the opportunity to talk about job successes and problems, enabling them to gain self-reflection, provide opportunities to improve their work with clients to support their development, motivation and to prevent burnout.

• professional consultations for senior executives – The goal is the presence of a specialist consultant to provide the manager the opportunity to discuss management issues, propose methods to solve, consult the position and competence in work teams, their management. The aim is to motivate the participants in the consultation, to prevent burnout among management organizations in the social sphere.