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Since 2008, the company PROFIMA EFFECTIVE, sro i recently focused on training and assisting staff became accredited company MLSA (2011/0633-I).

Efforts to most professional service in the helping professions profiling led to the following main areas:

accredited training

Consultation to quality standards

Consultation process of transformation


qualification programs

Area counseling grant


We provide services in accordance with the latest findings from the fields of social services and the maximum is adapted to the needs of the client. Our goal is to make the knowledge, skills and information that participants counseling and educational activities obtained were the most useful in practice. We work with highly graduovanými independent experts and lecturers from all over the country and abroad, who are chosen according to strict criteria. We require a high level of expertise, practical experience and quality pedagogical-psychological skills.

“I believe that through lifelong education and guidance in helping professions reach a common goal – to help fulfill the mission of social service organizations”


If you have any questions please contact us:

Hana Moravcová

Tel: +420 734 672 536

Email: hana.moravcova(at)profima.cz



The company PROFIMA EFFECTIVE, Ltd. Education is accredited by the MLSA CR for education workers under Act no. 108/2006 Coll., on social services to carry out educational program

nationwide validity (c. 2011/0633 – I).

PROFIMA EFFECTIVE, Ltd. Education is accredited by the Ministry of Education to implement some type of retraining (Ref .: 10 034 / 09-24 / 554) – manager, foreman, salesman and a nurse.

PROFIMA EFFECTIVE, Ltd. is an educational institution accredited by the MoI for education of the public with the nation (AK I. / I-141/2004).

The company PROFIMA EFFECTIVE, Ltd. holds a certificate of quality management system.

How do we work?

Our goal is:

actively help employees in the social sector to gain new knowledge in their professional capacity, achieve an increase in the level of work and their prestige a comprehensive,

high-quality educational program

long-term cooperation, based on a systematic and purposeful work with our clients

Our Services:

prepare and adapt to the requirements of the organization

we use evaluation and feedback from course participants and lecturers

continually expanding our range of new services and new accredited topics

We provide services across the full spectrum of activities related to the management and development of human resources

strive for professional and individual approach, objectivity and expertise

Our method:

consultation with managers

based on the experience of working with social service organizations, authorities and with companies

processing project “tailored” to the needs of the organization

actual implementation and organization of courses, supervision and consultancy

comprehensive and long-term training plan for workers in social services according to the MLSA


Our team of lecturers and external consultants

We work with independent experts from across the country according to the individual needs of our clients.

We require from our experts:

high level of expertise

practical experience

certified reference

quality educational and psychological work


We prefer extroverted types of trainers, course participants who are actively engaged, and establish a close contact.

When choosing a teacher considers his suitability for the type of participants and their field of activity. During the course, we include a series of discussions, exercises, examples, video training, if necessary. and video films.


After completing a training course, each participant will receive a certificate confirming the completion of the training were granted accreditation number MLSA.




Forms of training:

Open Courses *

Venue, dates and course content is pre-determined, ie, free admission. Participants are reported from various organizations www.profima.cz.

Closed Courses

Kurz “tailored” made on the basis of demand ie. Designed for the demands of a particular organization (or. Grouping of organizations) limited access ie. Only to employees of the organization (or. Grouping of organizations).



After completing a training course, each participant will receive a certificate confirming the completion of the training were granted accreditation number MLSA.


* General terms of payment of open courses

Free cancellation attend the course are accepted only in writing (e-mail) within 5 calendar days before the date of the course. Inexcusable and failure to five days, we charge a participation fee in full.

The employer confirmed that following receipt of the invoice will be paid participation fee. An invoice will be sent back at the address of your organization.

For registered participant can send a substitute.